It’s hard to imagine anything much worse to a homeowner than septic system problems in your yard. After all, if it’s causing issues outside, it’s more than likely causing issues inside the home.

Fortunately, Little’s is well-versed in all aspects of septic systems, from excavating to tank installation and maintenance. Here are ways we can help you cover all your bases and get out in front of issues before they start:

Excavation preparation is a specialty of ours

Excavation is more than just digging a hole. It’s a nuanced process that begins with discerning how and where to best dig that hole, how the land around it should be shaped and graded, and what type and amount of soil is necessary for good drainage.

And, of course, you have to know where utility lines or already-existing septic tanks lie.

We will do all of that and more before so much as breaking ground, which will greatly decrease the likelihood of issues specifically related to the septic tank and your yard’s drainage once it is installed.

We take time with the details

A proper excavation and septic installation or repair is much more than the heavy lifting — or heaving digging to be more precise — as we just pointed out.

Some commonly underappreciated excavation steps, and critically important ones, are in the details and include soil evaluations and an expert plan design to account for things like best-laid-out septic drainage, where building are or will be located, access roads and walkways; and other important factors.

Proper time with these preliminary processes will go a long way in the success of your septic system work and in the prevention of potential issues down the road.

For us, digging deep isn’t just a metaphor

Making sure your septic tank is low enough to help your yard look good as new once it’s installed is important. Because, really, no one wants to constantly be reminded of where their septic tank is.

That will also allow you to use gravity to your advantage in making sure pipes run deep enough and are angled correctly to help avoid tank backups in the future.

Getting deep enough will likely require moving large rocks and potentially stumps. Because we work in excavating as well as septic tank installation and maintenance, we have the expertise and equipment to do this work safely and with an expert approach.

We’ll help you start to finish

The process of septic tank installation will be easiest and best for you and your property with excavation contractors who have top-of-the-line equipment and know how to use it. We fit that bill!

Little’s has been serving the Tri-State of Kentucky, West Virginia and Ohio since 1963, so our expertise in both excavation and septic work has complemented each other for many years. Let us help you as a one-stop shop for your entire excavation and septic project.

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