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Are septic tanks bad for the environment? We have the answer

The modern environmentalist movement as we know it began in 1962 with the release of "Silent Spring," Rachel Carson's book covering harm caused to the environment by one-size-fits-all use of pesticides. Since then, the topic of environmentalism has rightly been a factor in policy decisions from global politics all the way down to [...]

August 16, 2022|Main|

Some key differences between trenching and excavation

The terms trenching and excavation may both bring to mind visions of digging and moving dirt around. In reality, the differences are deeper than that, and each is appropriate for certain situations. Excavation involves digging up concrete or like materials to install new features on your property or begin the process of building [...]

July 13, 2022|Main|

Keys to a successful excavation

Excavation, as we have detailed on this blog previously, is more than just digging a big hole. Here are a few keys to a successful excavation project: A solid plan This doesn't mean simply some spitball notes sketched on the back of a utility envelope -- an effective plan must map out your [...]

June 14, 2022|Main|

Steps to take after storm damage (stormy season is upon us)

May is a wonderful time of year — the weather is finally warming up and staying there after a long, cold winter. But with that warm air colliding with the remnants of winter, May is also the perfect storm — literally — for inclement weather and with it the havoc it might wreak [...]

May 23, 2022|Main|

Digging a trench to drain water

Many aspects of house and home, or your business, are out of sight and out of mind until they fluctuate or fail. A trench to drain stormwater from your structure fits on this list. A drainage trench or ditch is designed to collect rainwater and whisk it away from your house to keep [...]

March 21, 2022|Main|

Pond dredging is a good preventative routine for landowners

Dredging a pond admittedly isn't high on the to-do list of most landowners or business operators. However, looking at this measure in a reactive way instead of being proactive is a mistake. As with most aspects of taking care of your property, it's easier and less expensive to dredge a pond as part [...]

March 8, 2022|Main|

Excavation in the winter? The answer might surprise you

Anyone who has taken a wrong turn sledding down a frozen winter's hill or wiped out on a frosty morning hike has learned the hard way how much harder the ground seems this time of year. The same principle applies to excavation — digging through frozen turf and soil would seem a more [...]

January 18, 2022|Main|

Clearing land to build a new house?

For many people, especially in our DIY-friendly, workmanlike corner of the country, the best way to move into your dream home is to build it yourself. That process begins with clearing your lot, which will do everything from removing trees and large rocks to provide the space for your structure and, if desired, [...]

December 13, 2021|Main|
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