What is soil erosion?

Soil erosion is a natural process that human activity has greatly accelerated. How much so? All the world's topsoil could be eroded within 60 years, according to at least one estimate. Wind and water are primary natural means of erosion. It can remove the topsoil from your property and tamp down what is [...]

October 13, 2021|Main|

How and why septic work and excavation should go hand-in-hand

It's hard to imagine anything much worse to a homeowner than septic system problems in your yard. After all, if it’s causing issues outside, it’s more than likely causing issues inside the home. Fortunately, Little's is well-versed in all aspects of septic systems, from excavating to tank installation and maintenance. Here are ways [...]

August 18, 2021|Main|

What do excavation contractors do? Well, it’s much more than just digging

What do excavation contractors do? It’s not as easier an answer as some might think. Excavation contractors take on important responsibilities in construction projects and do much more than just dig. In this article we’ll explain a little more about the roles an excavation expert will fill. Project preparation Excavation companies do a [...]

July 14, 2021|Main|

Reasons you should hire a professional excavation contractor

Excavation work is something that should always be done with a professional contractor. Proper work as it relates is more than just digging. Soil makeup and condition, proper planning and equipment, weather conditions and experience in getting the job done right are some of the key reasons to hire a professional on every [...]

June 17, 2021|Main|
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