Your driveway is one of the first things frequent household guests and first-time visitors alike might notice about your property. In the interest of putting your best foot forward from an aesthetic standpoint, it’s best to keep an eye on your driveway for signs it needs anything from TLC to being replaced.


This is an early and obvious sign your driveway is in need of maintenance. Several reasons, both environmental and man-made, could cause this, ranging from extreme weather to the weight of your vehicles to settling of soil, especially for new driveways. Catch them early, and cracks can be sealed without much time or investment needed; let them fester, and it will take more time money and effort to fix them.

Sunken spots

This is often the residue of water damage or of heavy vehicles, such as RVs and boats, compressing the soil beneath the structure. More water can collect in these places, which could cause the damage to compound.


Similar to the sunken spots, these are often caused when the ground underneath the driveway shifts. The driveway will then, in turn, crack and form holes. Anyone who has hit one of these and lost a hubcap, or worse, on the road knows what happens next – potential damage to vehicles, tools and toys, as well as making walking or riding on the driveway hazardous. Immediate repair is required.

Pooling water

This is an indication of drainage problems, in addition to spelling trouble for the driveway materials left underneath the water and potential erosion.

Changing color

If the coloration of your driveway is fading, that’s likely the result of sun or precipitation. There’s not usually much you can do about this, at least while reacting appropriately to the situation, but it can make your driveway look old or worn, and a reset could help out here.

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