Generally speaking, no one hires an excavation service for a small, unimportant job. The stakes are high any time you’re having your property re-shaped. Mistakes could cause serious damage to your structure, your land, your finances or, worst-case, your person or your people.

In other words – you need to get this right.

Here are some qualities of an effective excavation service – which we strongly believe Little’s Excavation provides, to the degree we stake our reputation on it:

A sterling safety record

This is more important than anything else in life, and we understand this. Excavation is more than just moving dirt around – you’re talking about shifting the ground on which your property sits. Done incorrectly, this can imperil the structure you live in, your kids live in, or where you conduct business.

This is a serious responsibility, and we treat it as such. We believe our record here speaks for itself.

Strategic planning

In concert with the first point, we aren’t freestyling or freelancing here. We want to fulfill the responsibility of getting your project completed the best we can – and components to that are doing it safely, quickly and cost-effectively. Having a plan and following it as much as is possible helps achieve these goals.

Effective communication

With that said, as important as planning ahead is, out-of-the-blue or otherwise unexpected things can and will happen. Flexibility and a proactive approach are the best ways to handle such situations. We will keep you in the loop as to what is happening with your project, to give you the agency to monitor and lead it.

This also means not leaving people who have hired us or who want to hire us hanging, and being transparent about what the plan is for your project and what changes may need to be made to it in order to stay on task, on schedule and on budget in the face of whatever curveballs we may encounter.

Positive recommendations

We are confident the reviews you will find of us will speak for themselves, and so will our reputation among the professional construction community. Reach out to contractors in the area – they can give you a good idea of how to spot who knows what they are doing and will help you achieve best outcomes in your project.