They say in the Ohio Valley that if you don’t like the weather – especially in the spring or the fall – wait five minutes and it will change.

Many aspects of society can be affected by wild weather, not the least of which is the construction industry and other related issues.

Wet, dry, rain, snow, hot, cold, wind – all can and do impact excavation and construction projects. Understanding how they do that is important to making sure business is handled properly in getting those projects completed efficiently and effectively.

While construction employees are tough people who know to expect to work in all manner of weather, much of it can make their work range from miserable to impossible.

Let’s start with excessive rain. Enough of it can saturate the ground, creating standing water and mud. This can cause workers to have to stop frequently to clean equipment and shovel mud out of the way.

Too much water is also no good for any equipment susceptible to either rust or electrical short-out.

Wind can cause its share of problems. Machinery or equipment lifting workers off the ground is rendered unsafe by gusts that could cause tipping or shifting. Dirt, debris or other materials blowing in the wind can cause visibility issues.

Plunging temperatures can prolong projects both by dumping frozen precipitation in the way and by freezing the ground, making it more difficult to manipulate. Chilly temperatures and ice can be hazardous to equipment if measures are not taken to protect it.

Cold and heat also are both important to monitor as they relate to workers’ health. Proper attire and hydration are critical to safety, and with it, efficiency.

Planning ahead as much as possible and problem-solving abilities can help workers get around weather-related issues. Mother Nature ultimately calls the shots, but experienced contractors such as those at Little’s Excavating can ease the process as best as possible.