Stopping drainage problems before you have them is vastly preferable to trying to fix them after the fact, as dealing with water damage is nobody’s idea of a good time.

Here are a handful of tactics homeowners can employ to be proactive and keep water in your property in places you want it and away from where you don’t:


Making sure water is flowing away from the foundation of the structure in question is paramount. If water is routinely pooling in certain areas on your property, planting certain types of vegetation that thrive in that environment can help. Putting in effective drainage will help as well in some situations. Consult with professionals such as Little’s Excavating to determine what would work best for your situation.

Permeable pavement

This may not work for every property, but permeable material allows water to sink into the ground immediately, as opposed to attempting to direct it to run off somewhere else, which standard pavement materials do. Again, working in concert with professionals to determine what is best for your place is beneficial.

Consistent maintenance work

Keeping drains and gutters cleaned out and running wide open is important. That only happens with regular maintenance, and having infrastructure ready to go before the rains come is for the best.

Routine inspection by the property owner

Keeping an eye on what’s going on around structures and elsewhere on your land allows you to get on top of whatever needs to be fixed. Any evidence of water damage is an immediate sign something needs work.

Letting professionals have a look, too

Little’s Excavation stands ready to keep your property as you want it.